How to Rock a Tee (Like A Fashionista)

p-shirts may be plain, (usually) white and seemingly boring – but if pull off any of these easy tricks, you’ll definitely make it cool enough to rock Beverly Hills like these celebs.

 V for Vest

Denim and t-shirts were practically match made in heaven but we’re not just talking about the bottoms. Get into the grunge look like Selena Gomez by throwing on a vest over your plain white T.


Pop It!

Give your boring T a pop of colour and charisma by topping it over a pair of statement colour pants like Jennifer Lawrence’s red one.

Pumped Up Kicks

If your shirt and your shorts/pants/skirt are quite a snooze, party up the look like Chloe Moretz by wearing bright coloured shoes.

Perfect Match

 Put a cute tee together with a flashy blazer and you’ve got yourself a perfect match likeEmma Stone and Andrew Garfield.

Artsy Fartsy

 Skip the Plain White Ts ( I don’t mean on that band) and choose the funky designs like Shakira, be it text or ‘art’. If her hips don’t lie, her fashion choices probably wouldn’t either.

 Cuff Up

 Everyone loves to pair a good shirt with a pair of jeans but if you fold its cuffs, you’ll get yourself into the realm of ‘CHIC’ just like Rita Ora.

     Tuck In

 You’ll be surprised how just tucking in your shirt could make your look seem so much trendier and it seems like Emma Roberts knew that too.


 A band shirt may be cool on its own but you can up that cool factor by putting a checkered shirt over it and you’d have stolen Jessica Alba’s look instantly!





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