Trendelicious Galaxy.

helloooo guys . Sorry for a long time didn’t update this blog because i have lots of things to be done in a little time . I also want to wish to Mr Razlan , welcome back home Sir from Gaza 🙂 .

Ok, today i want to share with you guys about galaxy fashion.There’s nothing quite as beautiful as the milkyway on a clear night I first spotted this galaxy trend while seeing my friends make his own galaxy painting on his shirt. As it happens with fashion trends, if you spot something once, it is quite possibly an emerging trend. So, I did a bit of research and discovered that some large manufacturers like Vans, Toms and Jansport have already jumped on the trend. I dicovered shoes, shorts, skirts, tees, phone protectors and leggings but expect to see more.

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this is my collection of galaxy leggings and sleveless

I also selling above legging and sleveless galaxy design and pre-order for this .If you guys are intrested with this galaxy design you can leave a comment here and contact me through fb and twitter.


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