Hello followers and strangers:) Last monday , me together with a few friends went to supper at Coffee club, Fareinheit. We talk and chit chat many things. Then friends of mine tell us that he wants to open up his own cafe with concept of cafe racer. Suddenly , i get an idea to update this blog about cafe racer fashion .

The café racer scene is booming, and no one wants to show up at their local Ace Café looking like a poser. Retro gear completes the look, and dressing the part is easier than working on those finicky old bikes. Good-looking, well-preserved vintage gear is not necessarily cheaper than new retro-styled stuff, and it’s definitely not as protective

Some riders will happily pay big bucks for authentically tattered jackets bearing a vintage label. But old leather jackets often deteriorate; discoloring and drying out due to sun and wind exposure, making them less likely to hold up in a crash. New retro-styled gear oftens incorporate protective armor that the old stuff lacks. That puts it miles ahead in safety while not sacrificing style.

The open-face metal-flake helmet is certainly de rigeur, but nix the antique-store buy and go modern and DOT-approved. Your skull doesn’t know from vintage. Save the old stuff for your office shelf!

Next on your list is a sturdy pair of boots, preferably in brown or black. You want your kicks to say, “I look old, but won’t fall apart if I go down.” Again, look for something that has new-school protection to complement the old-school look. To seal the deal, throw on some leather gauntlet gloves, a pair of goggles or aviators and, if you’re really feeling like a hipster, your tightest skinny jeans. After all, that’s what your buddies at the local Ace Café

If you guys are inrested in cafe racer you can visit this facebook :

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